The ABEL Group combines process and detail engineering with the ability to construct complex plants.

ABEL was first established as a mechanical engineering company, and has evolved thanks to a multidisciplinary approach. ABEL works with a high level of technical detail on both projects and existing works. It also boasts expertise in efficiency and optimizing costs and construction schedules. Its attention to quality and efficiency, combined with partnerships with consolidated companies, has allowed ABEL to expand in a competitive and selective field. The partner companies involved in the implementation and construction phases are directly coordinated by the Technical Management office and by engineering staff of ABEL, thus eliminating the client’s direct management costs whilst ensuring the services are fulfilled.

ABEL’s core business is designing and executing industrial plants. Its main fields of expertise are:

Water treatment
Machine tools
Oil & Gas
Industrial painting
Paper mills

ABEL Group

Represents three companies | ABEL Engineering Srl | ABEL Impianti Srl | ABEL Construction Srl. The company provides services and plants in the fields of industrial engineering, waste and process water treatment and renewable energy.

The Team

One of ABEL’s strengths is its highly specialized team of professionals, who offer outstanding technical and engineering skills for tackling complex problems and proposing innovative technical solutions that guarantee high performance and cost control.

ABEL Engineering Srl

The first company in the group, it was founded in 1996 with operative headquarters in Varedo (MB). It is the company that provides multidisciplinary engineering services for both its clients and the other companies in the group, designing the turnkey plants it produces in detail.

ABEL Impianti Srl

Established in 2012 with operative headquarters in Verbania. It has gone on to become highly specialized in the design and supply of industrial plants, chiefly in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, along with its specialized mechanical department.

ABEL Construction

First founded in 2015 with operative headquarters in Varedo (MB). It combines engineering and construction expertise for building industrial plants, treatment of ‘complex’ waste water from processing, and optimizing biomass energy, particularly the production of biogas and biomethane, one of the company’s core businesses.


Abel Construction has obtained the following certification as a result of the outstanding results reached: ISO 9001:2015ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018



Alessandro Bruno

His technical background allows him to manage the commercial activities with excellent knowledge and expertise in the field. His role is to envision the guidelines of future strategies for the corporation.


Corrado Caretti

His career commenced in leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies and continued to develop with technical experiences in a number of construction sites, where he directly supervised design aspects. For ten years, he was the technical manager of an E.P.C firm, where he led a large number of designers.


Francesco Fiducia

After accruing technical experience in Italy’s leading automotive company, he went on to become Technical Manager of a construction firm in the painting sector. He moved to ABEL in 2007 as a Technical Director at the Varedo headquarters. Since early 2015 he has overseen construction and installation.