We design and build industrial plants

Abel was originally established as a plant engineering company and has since evolved its expertise with a multi-disciplinary approach, delivering industrial plants developed thanks to its know-how and upon request.

Abel Group applies process and detailed engineering skills to deliver construction projects of the most complex industrial plants. Construction and engineering skills combine to provide clients with a complete, high-quality service by focusing on the optimisation of times and costs to ensure the correct and prompt completion of works.

Important companies from Italy and beyond have turned to Abel for the construction of their industrial plants. Thanks to the satisfaction of customers and consolidated partnerships, Abel has expanded on an increasingly selective and competitive market. The challenge of the next few years means that we have never let out guard down, indeed our R&S team is tirelessly committed to experimenting with innovative solutions and technologies, to ensure our offering never loses its competitive edge.

Designing and building industrial plants is the core business of Abel, specifically:

Water treatment
Odour treatment
Renewable Energies
Oil & Gas
Industrial painting

Abel Group
Engineering for the treatment of industrial waters and for renewable energies

Represents three companies: ABEL Engineering srl, ABEL Impianti Srl, ABEL Construction Srl.

Provides services and plants in the industrial engineering, waste and process water treatment and renewable energies sectors.

The Team

Its strong point is a highly specialised team that exploits its extensive technical and engineering skills to tackle complex problems and deliver innovative technological solutions, characterised by excellent performance and cost containment.

ABEL Engineering
Process and detailed engineering for industrial plants

The group's first company, established in 1996, with operating offices in Varedo (MB), Italy.

This company provides multi-disciplinary engineering services for its very own clients and also provides detailed turnkey plant designs which are then built by the group’s companies.

ABEL Impianti Srl
Industrial plants for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Established in 2012, with operating offices in Verbania (VB), this is the group's company that designs and delivers highly specialised industrial plants in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It operates with its very own highly qualified mechanics department.

ABEL Construction
Waste water treatment plants

Established in 2015, with operating offices in Varedo (MB), Italy, it combines engineering and construction skills for the building of industrial plants. The treatment of "complex" process waste water, energy recovery from biomass, in particular for the generation of biogas and biomethane, are the company's core business.

ISO Certifications

Abel Construction has obtained, ISO 9001:2015ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 certifications due to its achievement of high-quality standards.



Alessandro Bruno

His technical training is what enables him to effectively manage commercial activities with an excellent knowledge of subject matter. His mission is to anticipate future strategies in order to define the group's guidelines.


Corrado Caretti

His career began in renowned companies of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. He then went on to manage a number of work sites over a long period of time, thus achieving extensive technical growth. He was the technical manager of an E.P.C. company for over ten years, coordinating dozens of project developers who reported to him.


Francesco Fiducia

He acquired technical experience at the top Italian company in the automotive industry. He went on to become technical manager at the painting department of a construction company. He joined Abel in 2007 as the technical director of the Varedo facility and today heads a large group of engineers, with vast experience in the sector.