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ABEL operates in the field of renewable energy, designing and building plants for the production of biogas from agricultural biomass and for energy recovery from waste. Since 2000 it has been providing consultancy services in the energy field, designing turnkey photovoltaic plants and promptly responding to market requirements in terms of performance, reliability, costs, safety and energy efficiency enhancement.

Plants for the Production of Biogas from Biomass and organic Waste

Current technologies enable the extraction and storage of combustible gas from biomass from vegetal waste, sludge and by-products of animal origin, turning waste into a source of renewable energy and eliminating the high costs of disposal. Biogas is generated in an anaerobic digestion process, which through the degradation of complex organic substances (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates), enables the recovery of energy contained in waste biomass.

Biogas produced in this way is used in cogeneration systems for the production of electric power and heat, which can be used in the same production processes. Thus plant construction costs are soon offset; EU and Italian authorities also provide important economic advantages and tax rebates for companies that fit energy self-production systems. Biogas can be additionally treated for the extraction of CO2, generating biomethane that is used for the production of electric power or fuel.

When Fitting a Biogas Plant is worth it

Many industrial processes in the agrifood sector generate high energy-content waste that requires expensive disposal. All these organic by-products and waste can be recovered in biogas and biomethane productions plants, providing electric power and heat energy at zero cost. Heat and electric power can be reused in the company's production process and the latter can also be sold to energy providers on the market.

Thus, a proprietary plant for the production of biogas and biomethane from biomass and organic waste generates the following advantages:

- Cutting of waste disposal costs
- Electric power and heat generation at zero cost
- Revenue from the sale of electric power on the market
- Increased profitability and company value
- Economic incentives and tax rebates in different and often combinable forms can cut plant construction costs by up to 60/70%

ABEL designs Biogas generation systems of different sizes

Sizing of the Biogas / Biomethane Generation Plant

Small plants, up to 100 kW built with low-cost systems and civil engineering works reduced to a minimum. Suitable for small amounts of waste biomass and for the self-consumption of generated energy.

Medium-large sized plants built specifically according to individual requirements, without any set technological options.

What Biomasses are used in Biogas Generation Plants?

Agricultural biomass, cultivation by-products, wood material from pruning
Biomass from industrial processing waste in the agrifood sector
Biomass from separate waste collection (organic fraction of OFSUW)