Construction and assembly, Commissioning, Decommissioning

Abel is structured and organised for even the most complex industrial assembly operations. The company supports its partners along all stages in the life cycle of their industrial facilities.

Plant construction and commissioning

Abel provides all necessary technical and engineering skills for the construction and commissioning of an industrial plant based on the project supplied by the client. The consolidated experience of Abel enables it to take care of all aspects related to plant construction and commissioning, in compliance with technical specifications and contractually defined deadlines.

Full or partial plant demolition

The construction department of Abel works alongside clients in partial or complete demolition operations for industrial plants. All operating stages are preceded by the in-depth analysis of technical, environmental and safety aspects to keep disassembly and disposal costs as low as possible, by means of the proper management of recovered materials.

Reclamation of Industrial Facilities

Abel operates nationwide in the reclamation of industrial facilities following the demolition of decommissioned plants, with expert professionals who are qualified and certified according to the most stringent quality, health and safety standards.

Revamping of Industrial Plants

Abel has developed extensive know-how in the design and commissioning of total or partial revamping works for industrial plants. Whenever the need arises to restore original plant performance and efficiency levels, or adaptation to Industry 4.0, or if an existing plant does not live up to the latest technical and regulatory requirement, Abel's engineering departments analyses the plant and expressed requirements, developing the revamping project to meet desired performance requirements, based on the specified set of goals and budget. All this is then implemented by the construction department.