ABEL is awarded the engineering development of 4 plants concerning the revamping of existing plants for the production of BIOGAS, for a total of 5,000 hours.

n°4 skids Tenova spa

Construction of the 4 Coater Skids completed on behalf of Tenova.

ORC Plant Turboden Spa 

ABEL acquires a new order for the engineering of a geothermal plant from Turboden Spa.

Tenaris Dalmine S.p.A

Also in 2021 the cooperation between ABEL and Tenaris Dalmine restarts with vigor, through the design of new machines for the steel industry.

Revamping Plastipak srl

The collaboration between ABEL and Plastipak Italia Preforme S.R.L. continues. ABEL will follow the basic and detailed design for the revamping of the Pallanza (VB) plant.

Collaboration ABEL / IES BIOGAS

The collaboration between ABEL and IES BIOGAS begins with the prospect of developing numerous plants in the BIOSGAS / BIOMETHANE sector.


At this difficult moment in time, Abel can help companies monitor and assess their environmental management without the need to subtract resources from production areas. To do so it is offering free check-ups, carried out by our own process team. To take this opportunity, just confirm your interest and fix an appointment.

Container Hoftetter GA

ABEL has acquired the contract for the construction of 2 containers that treat landfill leachate on behalf of the Swiss company Hoftetter GA

Collaboration with SIAD Macchine Impianti S.p.A.

The collaboration between ABEL and SIAD Compressor Continue in 2021. Siad assigne to ABEL lots of Skid&Package Project.


Does your company need to build a new treatment plant on a limited budget? Rent it from ABEL’s range, and choose the type of contract which best suits your needs.