Plants for the treatment of odours, fumes and powders from industrial production

Often the need for industrial waste water treatment closely ties in with the elimination of industrial odorous emissions, requiring ABEL to design and build plants for the treatment of odours originating from industrial production processes. In compliance with anti-pollution legislation, ABEL treats odours in plants fitted with biofilters, which have proven to be highly effective in the agrifood industry. Thanks to R&D activities pursued by the Group, Abel has developed different industrial odour treatment technologies that are applied based on problems caused by odorous emissions and pollutants.

Sectors of Application for Industrial Odour Treatment Plants

ABEL approaches the odour treatment project by assessing requirements expressed by the client, the problems of the production sector, including the origin and cause of odorous emissions, and the geographical location of the production plant. The main sectors in which Abel operates are nearly always the same as those it is active in for the treatment of process waste water.

ABEL builds plants for the treatment of odours at the following industrial production facilities:

Food and Agrifood

Alcohol production and distilleries

Tobacco and aromatic herbs processing

Treatment of fabric fibres waste


Odorous emissions of animal feed factories and petfood facilities

Odours in the paper industry

Odour emissions in foundries and metal treatment facilities

Odorous effluents in chemical and pharmaceutical facilities

Odour abatement in organic waste treatment

Odour in slaughter facilities and the processing of animal by-products