ABEL avails of a management and control department that oversees the quality of the projects and their maintenance. Its aim is to ensure optimal efficiency of the plants it designs and installs. ABEL carries out work onsite in plants even when they are operational. Amongst others, it uses complex remote-control systems which enable constant supervision and allow prompt and precautionary measures to be taken.

The plants are equipped with sensors and local monitoring systems to record the main chemical and physical parameters in real time. This allows rapid interventions to be carried out in response to the needs of the industrial production process.

Using complex control systems and sensors in water treatment processes ensures the quality of water used in both industrial and sewage-related purposes is constant.

The O&M is based on the following criteria:

Verifying process performance and functioning of the plants.

Precautionary and predictive critical analysis of the process.

Possibility for precautionary interventions to avoid damaging interruptions of production.

Assistance and ongoing training of clients for ordinary running of plants.

Constant analysis of the OPEX costs and development of optimization programmes.