Operation & Maintenance

ABEL provides a service for the management and control of processes, to ensure the quality of our constructions and to maintain the efficiency of designed and installed plants over time. ABEL is active on site at operating plants, also through sophisticated remote-control systems, to ensure constant supervision as well as prompt and preventive interventions.

Plants are fitted with sensors and local monitoring units to record main chemical and physical parameters in real time and ensure prompt intervention, thus fulfilling industrial production needs.

In water treatment, the use of control systems and sophisticated sensors constantly ensures the quality of water for industrial use and waste water alike.

O&M activities are based on the following operating criteria

Verification of process performance and plant operation.

Preventive and predictive process analysis with the identification of any critical issues.

Planning of preventive interventions to avoid harmful production down time.

Assistance and continuous training for clients, in ordinary plant operation.

Continuous OPEX cost analysis and development of optimisation programs.