Process water treatment and purification of industrial waste water

One of the main specialisations of Abel Group is the design and construction of industrial water treatment plants, both for primary process water and for the purification and reuse of waste water. Abel always delivers solutions to suit the specific needs of clients, through its diversified offering, from "turnkey" to plant hire with final purchase option or maintenance contracts.

Process Water Treatment

Abel Group is focused on the constant development of the most effective technological solutions for the treatment of primary process water, in order to supply purification systems that ensure process water parameters match use requirements. Based on the requested degree of purity and source characteristics, Abel Group technicians apply the most suitable primary water filtration and purification technologies, modelling the plant to suit the client's specific requirements and building solutions that deliver the best performance, both in terms of efficiency and cost containment.

Purification and Reuse of Industrial Waste Water

A latest generation waste water treatment plant significantly cuts management costs and through the reuse of purified water, drastically reduces costs and the environmental impact of the entire production plant as a whole. Abel Group provides solutions for the purification of industrial waste waters from organic and inorganic substances, for purification and disposal, or for reuse in the production cycle.

The Benefits of an Integrated Water Treatment Plant

By teaming up with important academic institutes, Abel provides optimal economic waste water treatment solutions that solve problems experienced by clients with external removal and disposal services, resulting in significant economic savings:

1) Reduction of water consumption due to reuse in the production cycle
2) Economic and tax benefits for "green economy" investments
3) Increase in company value
4) Elimination of costs for outsourced disposal services

Applications and purpose of waste and industrial process water

Partial or total recovery or reuse of waste water (Zero Liquid Discharge)

Elimination of hydrocarbons and solvents

Treatment of galvanisation effluent

Treatment of industrial painting effluent

Removal of metals and micropollutants

Deep filtration


Biological treatments

Nitrogen abatement treatments

For boiler and steam production (power plant)

Reintegration for evaporation towers

Purification (fresh, salty and sea water)

ABEL offers solutions tailored to the requirements of industrial clients. Click here

ABEL offers 2 industrial plant hire solutions for the treatment of complex industrial waste water:
• light hire contract
• full hire contract.

Main technologies used for the purification of waste and process water

MF, NF, UF, RO membrane filtration

Carbon filtration for the removal of organic substances and perfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS)

GreenFumeHood (GFH) filtration for the removal of arsenic and other metals

Chemical-physical treatment for the removal of metals

Membrane treatment for oil emulsions

Membrane treatment for mine waste water

Combined membrane filtration and evaporation treatments

Bioreactor (MBR) treatments with highly efficient membranes for complex effluent

MBBR biological treatments

Advanced oxidation processes

Ion exchange or inverse osmosis demineralisation with or without EDI to obtain UPW

Evaporation - Crystallisation


With our reliable R&D team we are confident in our ability to deliver the most effective water treatment solution in order to solve and optimise the waste and primary water problems of our clients.