Water used for technological and/or industrial purposes must undergo special treatments to achieve the necessary results. Modern industrial production lines require process water with precise characteristics that remain constant through time, in the same way that water used in food production needs to respect strict health and hygiene regulations.

ABEL offers its clients tailor-made solutions and/or EP&PM (Engineering Procurement & Project Management) services in a variety of industrial sectors. ABEL has an open-minded approach to improve efficiency and reduce management costs. In particular, its innovative systems solve the performance and energy consumption-related issues of traditional solutions.

Main technologies used:

Filtration with MF, NF, UF and RO membranes

Carbon filtration to remove organic and perfluoroalkyl substances

Ferric hydroxide (GFH) filtration for removing arsenic and other metals

Chemical-physical treatment to remove metals

Membrane treatments for oil emulsions

Membrane treatment for mining waste water

Combined membrane and evaporation filtration treatments

MBR biological treatment with high efficiency membranes for complex wastes

MBBR biological treatments

Advanced oxidation processes

Ionic or reverse osmosis demineralization with or without EDI to obtain EPW

Evaporation – Crystallization

Plant Rental

ABEL offers solutions tailored to the needs of its industrial clients. Contact us.

ABEL offers two types of plant rental options for treating complex waste waters:
• “light rental contract
• “full rental contract


Partial or total wastewater recycling and reuse (Zero Liquid Discharge)

Removal of hydrocarbons and solvents

Treatment of galvanic waste

Treatment of waste water from industrial painting

Removal of metals and micro pollution

Deep filtration


Biological treatment

Nitrogen abatement treatment

For boilers and heat production (power plants)

Makeup water for cooling towers

Purification (from fresh, brackish and sea water)

Our commitment for the environment

ABEL pays special attention to reusing water as a key to preserving our natural resources. Waste water treatment is an important part of this approach.

Treatment of industrial waste water contaminated with organic and inorganic pollutants is of two kinds: ordinary, adopting activated sludge sedimentation and filtration; or complex, adopting AOP advanced oxidation processes, membrane filtration, highly concentrated activated sludge and ion-exchange chelating resins.

Plants currently used for waste water treatment are rarely high-performance. Maintenance costs are often considerable. ABEL’s products and approach are geared towards improving the quality of the waste water and, most importantly, towards reusing it, thereby management costs and environmental impact.

ABEL’s consolidated research and development team, and its work with major Italian and international organizations, enable us to offer optimal solutions for effective water treatment systems that resolve and optimize our clients’ primary and waste water issues.