ABEL Group

Multidisciplinary Engineering

ABEL develops detailed engineering to ensure the correct execution and final construction with "green field" or revamping solutions.

  • Piping
  • Structural metalworks
  • Mechanical sections
  • Electronic Instrument Systems
  • Green field
  • Revamping

Mechanical Engineering

ABEL's mechanical department is staffed by highly qualified engineers and project developers, with twenty years of experience in mechanical design and automation. ABEL operates in the following sectors:

  • Machines for processing and handling pipes
  • Machines for processing compressed gas cylinders
  • Machines for steelworks
  • Machines and systems for industrial automation, like manipulators, robots, handling systems
  • Special machines - special equipment

Construction Service

ABEL’s construction department builds industrial plants based on technical specifications supplied by the client and developed by the engineering department.

  • Skid & Package
  • Prefabrication of piping
  • Prefabrication of supports
  • Metal structures
  • Container Systems

Water treatment

ABEL provides the best available technologies with an open-minded approach, for enhanced efficiency and lower operating costs.

  • Membrane filtration
  • Carbon filtration
  • Green Fume Hood (GFH) filtration
  • Chemical-physical treatments
  • Membrane treatments
  • Combined filtration systems
  • MBR biological treatments